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Business Intelligence

"Business Intelligence delivers greater insight into performance and enables organizations to become more efficient, agile and competitive."
Axiom Intelligence is a business designed  to innovate and execute a new integral of business operations. Axiom's business model extracts, collects, and analyzes business factors that are key in producing profit and growth. We use both a mathematical and strategic approach, focusing on the core subsets of business intel. 
As Labor and Capital costs rise, Comparative Advantage will no longer be a gateway for growth. Basic economic theory argues that in the long-run, a more efficient method of production is the only way to increase growth. Here at Axiom we develop and implement the future tools that will drastically increase firms efficiency. 
Core Subsets
Strategic Intelligence
Strategic intelligence is the ability to see the big picture. In business, this makes the difference between a business with extraordinary achievements, and a business with mediocre success. Micheal Maccoby details some of the components of Strategic Intelligence.
  • Foresight, the ability to understand trends that present threats or opportunities for an organization
  • Visioning, the ability to conceptualize an ideal future state based on foresight and create a process to engage others to implement it
  • System Thinking, the ability to perceive, synthesize, and integrate elements that function as a whole to achieve a common purpose
  • Motivating, the ability to motivate different people to work together to implement a vision
  • Partnering, the ability to develop strategic alliances with individuals, groups and organizations

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is a method that most businesses consequently ignore. In a fast-paced market there is a constant stream of new open-source information that can make that old information irrelevant and unproductive. According to SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals),
  • CI is a necessary, ethical business discipline for decision making based on understanding the competitive environment.
  • In CI, it is NOT necessary to use illegal or unethical methods. In fact, doing so represents a failure of CI, since almost anything decision makers need to know about the competitive environment can be discovered using legal, ethical means. Most information can be found through open-source collection and ethical inquiry.